Sensorial itineraries for minority visual people

A multisensory itinerary to live in a new and pleasant way the flavours, the perfumes, the tactile sense, the sounds of this magnificent land of Romagna and of its bordering villages.
Food Hotels offers an innovative way where the artistic, taste and tactile perception that comes across non-visual multisensory suggestions.
A wide choice of guided tours, workshops and tastings.
Through the senses, we will learn the ancient techniques of production of some excellence products of the area, like the formaggio di fossa (pit cheese), extra virgin olive oil, wine tasting, we will introduce you to the secrets of our traditional cuisine and we will make you put your finger in the dough thanks to many cooking classes and herbs… An unconceivable goal just a few years ago.
Touch the art. Not only for people who cannot confront himself with the sunlight and the imagine, but to reveal to everybody, the opportunities of perception. An approach to aesthetic mainly unexplored for blind people.
Touch the faces, the bodies, the gestures, the expressions; discover the volumes, a trip through the most famous Italian monuments… The tower of Pisa, Venice, the Colosseum, to the discovery by new perspectives.

Food in Tour é una realizzazione