Special Weddings


Wedding between Art and Flavours

A wedding that blends artistic and gastronomical culture, a special union between vineyards and medieval hamlets.
Fairy tale venue in a mysterious atmosphere of the ancient cellars, scented by woods for aging and vats for fermentation; or of ancient landscapes, hamlets rich in history, mystery, personalities, traditions and culture.Great splendour and many themes to choose from, to create a wedding in the sign of art and flavours.
The details of the ceremony will be chosen with a great attention to the needing and the requests of the couple, as well as decorations, flowers, music and photographic service.

Medieval Weddingmatrimonio-medievale

To get married in medieval style is a unique and intriguing experience: hamlets, castles and historic dwellings will be at your disposal for the wedding, for a gorgeous time travel. We will accurately recreate a medieval setting with actors wearing period dresses. As well as waiters and musicians even food will play its role, reminding us of a time when the Lords ate tasteful dishes without the American spices. A mise an place and the staging of your wedding party will give the final touch to this extraordinary moment.


Wedding on the beach

The golden sand, the sun gently setting on the horizon and the intense blue of the sea: the charm of an exclusive venue chosen for your wedding.Fun, elegance and decorative details will make your dreams come true in one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of our Riviera.
For all the couples who want to give their wedding a special atmosphere in town famous for its glamour and lifestyle.


Country chic Weddingmatrimonio-chic

Intimate, plain and enchantig: the country chic wedding is ideal for the couples who prefer the candor of an informal and relaxed ceremony to the formal atmosphere of old style weddings.
The ceremony will be slightly formal and friendly and will set free your creativity so that you are able to decide the style of invitations, place cards, and table decorations, everything well finished.
The result will be a magnificent party where the couple and the guests can really express themselves.

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