Incentive travel

Incentive travels are organized by companies to stimulate and incentive their employees. All the workers should be given the essential information to let them work in the best possible way, stimulating them to improve themselves.

The reason to exploit the travel as an incentive:
The travel allows discussing informally about work issues, creating friendship among the employees. Moreover, the occasion allows the worker changing their everyday life and remembering for a long time a shared pleasant experience.

Food Hotels can provide companies with a complete service. Companies just have to express the goals they want to reach and we will organize the entire package.
Food Hotels is committed to organize experiences for all the companies that want to transform a group of workers into a great TEAM.
We help you building teams and creating educational activities linked with Food&Wine, like cooking classes, or how to recognize herbs; five-a –side football tournaments and activities on the beach; sensorial tastings of typical products like cheese, oil, wine; bike excursions, trekking, hiking, orienteering and so on.

Cooking classes

A challenge to find out who is the master chef of the company.. Divided into groups for a day you will live the thrill of being real cookers of the traditional regional cuisine.
We will teach you how to prepare one of the most famous fresh pasta dishes in the world: tagliatelle, typical of our region… Or you will take part in a bustling piadina (the queen of our banquets) – competition!


Orienteering is the ideal outdoor activity for those groups that want to live a few hours of fun on a challenging, fascinating and adventurous path, which blends the pleasure of an excursion to amusement. The group will be divided into teams that will face different challenges like hint hunting, team games, routes on the trees… just to make the best score and gain the contest. To complete the experience you can also add a pleasant picnic in the open air or a tasty “do it yourself” barbecue.

Renaissance or Medieval dinner

An evening with period dresses in the unique setting of a medieval restaurant. Minstrels and entertainer will organize ancient games and tell you legends of the Malatesta family, the Lords of Romagna during the Middle Age and the Renaissance.
Songs, stories and rhymes will go with a rich medieval menu to put up a real dinner of the XIV Century with the personalities of that time.

Activities on the beach

We organise for you from a plain tournament to mini Olympic games with many sport activities (5-a-side football, beach tennis, beach volley, bowl game, Nordic walking, table tennis, paddling, surf..) to the more recreational ones (table football, paddle boat competition, marbles, treasure hunting, sack race, water melon eating…). A fun way to let the teams challenge each other between sun and sea!

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